DriftKansai 180sx 3 Day Build.

It’s been over 6 months since the Spring Ebisu Drift Matsuri and almost as long for regularly updated blog as well so I thought I’d go back thru my last trip share some more from it.

Drift Kansai’s 180sx build – Beater to Slider in 3 days for the 2010 Spring Ebisu Matsuri.

We originally indented on taking two 3 cars up 180sx x2 and an ae86 notchback but After a Drive to Hiroshima it was apparent that the SR20det in the car wasn’t very healthy and fit for the trip to Ebisu and back (let alone drifting for 3 days).

We got back Sunday night, on Monday morning we headed down to Shane Bingham’s yard and removed the engine out of the 180sx, put it the back of this one along with coil overs, wheels gear box and other needed bits and rushed over to Team Battle garage in Osaka. Removed all the spare engine & parts, removed the dead SR20, gear box and all of the suspension and started to modify and reinstall by the end of Monday night.

Tuesday, we put the engine in, wired it up, installed clutch, gearbox, coilovers both front and rear, modified the rear lower control arms for Zero camber. Modified rear hub for 4 to 3 stud conversion (to run 4×4 rims) and welded on Shane’s metal bomb shelters.

Wednesday was painting day, for the exception of the roof (which was in good condition) the whole car was rubbed back and resprayed by Shane.

Ewan from Hayatonka did some magic bog work on the rear end which wasn’t the straightest to start with from a hit earlier in the cars life.

Fruitful finish to the day freshly sprayed.

After finishing at 7 that night we rolled back to Team Battle garage to finish off the wheel alignment, added a few gauges and Re-gassed the Air-conditioning… YES it had air conditioning. Here are a few shots of it all ready to roll out.

Rolling shot of the 180 packed to the brim with a gearbox, several suspension parts, tools, various other spares and 4 rims we ran out of room fast and had to strap 4 tyres to the back of it as well.

Here’s the possie stoping for a rest. Taka from Team Battle’s Toyota Noah aka ‘Death Trap’, Drift Kansai 180sx and matt’s Notchback panda Ae86 which was carrying 7 tyres on the boot not to mention 4 in the boot and 5 in the back seat.

Left to right
Taka – Team Battle
Ewan – Hayatonka
Shane – Drift Kansai
JohnZoku (me) – Auszoku
Matt from Perth (ae86 owner)

Our collection of spare parts we brought up.

The 180 for Matt and Shane Ready to drive in the first round of G1-GP 2010.

Big thanks to Everyone for the trip and the work put in, Team Battle garage for the work shop space and Drift Kansai for making the trip happen.

If your interested in Making your way up to Ebisu or maybe hitting some tracks in the Kansai Area email Shane – driftkansai@gmail.com or Click the Drift Kansai link in the Website list.

Thanks for reading


5 Responses to “DriftKansai 180sx 3 Day Build.”

  1. December 2, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    Yay Matthew Caps Lock! FROM PERTH! 😀

    nice update JZ.

  2. December 2, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    looking good after the paint job

  3. December 3, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Hey, glad to see you back!

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