Skyline Festival – From Prince to C210

Nostalgic cars and a super iconic track is an almost unbeatable combination. The Skyline Festival is full of awesome rigs from showroom floor restorations to race replicas.


_MG_2889 copy

I spent most of the time in the pits until the older generations hit the track. While I was there I attempted to chat to the owners. Sorry, My Japanese is very limited.

_MG_2968 _MG_2950

Some parts are too valueable to be used on track, the trust in Japan is amazing, in Australia a mint grill like this would disappear in no time!


I had a laugh with this group of C110 and C10 owners trying to explain my love for classic Skylines and how much I appreciated their cars. And to show their gratitude (and probably to get me to move on) they gave me an Asahi which was great on a humid day. Thanks Hiroshi and friends 🙂


_MG_2928 _MG_2927 _MG_2926 _MG_2925 _MG_2918 _MG_2914 _MG_2912 _MG_2911 copy _MG_2909 copy _MG_2903 copy _MG_2901 copy _MG_2896 copy _MG_2887 copy _MG_2886 _MG_2877 _MG_2875 _MG_2874 _MG_2873 _MG_2833 _MG_3162 _MG_3073 _MG_3001 _MG_2991 _MG_2986 _MG_2978 _MG_2977 _MG_2976 _MG_2975 _MG_2974 copy _MG_2967 _MG_2966 _MG_2931


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