C210 out of 10

More Daikoku action. This 210 rolled past, it seemed like he was going to head straight back onto the highway so I caught a few rolling shots as he passed by.

After a lap the owner parked over the back shortly before an annoying gaigin came stalking over.  I had a quick chat (Read: Dropped keywords) to show why I was interested then he invited me to continue shooting.

Up close it was super clean, fresh paint and tidy wheels. Mixed in are some sweet addons like the ducktail spoiler on the rear which was balanced by the front air dam.

The front bar and bonnet were carbon fiber from Restored Japan, a little twist of new on an old base. The whole package was completed in a way which would have been right in place twenty years ago. Under the carbon skin was a reasonably serious Turbo “L” which has injectors in front of the plenum and plenty of colour coded additions.

The dash is lined with electronics, what looks to be an Apexi AVCR on the left then a Greddy Rebic injector controller timed with a newer Greddy turbo timer. The combo was tied together with updated LED back lighting.

The complexity of the upgrades would produce more than enough power, the owner explained that he runs a highway racing team.

To continue the updates to the old base the owner added angel eyes and LED tail lights. The combo could easily go wrong but the people who do it presumably over a long period of time to get everything right resulting in a package which can be hard to replicate in other places of the world.

Click the images for larger sizes.


1 Response to “C210 out of 10”

  1. December 15, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Love this old-schoolness !!!

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