814 Style

As we all know Daikoku Futo PA is a good spot to sit for a few hours and see what rolls in. The police in the area has become quite strict and now locks down the car park around 10pm to minimise disturbance in the area.


The good news is it hasn’t completely stopped people from attending. which is important as it is one of the most accessible meet spots for the more unique styles in the Japanese modifying scene.Image

Vanning rocks, aftermarket manufactures get styling spot giving people the opportunity to have a personalised and also practical ride. It doesn’t take much to transform a box into something worthy of sharing if done correctly.



Airbrushing is a cool touch, I’m guessing this is a famous pop star as the owners mates were giving him crap about having her on the fuel flap. My limited ability to understand Japanese and ability to interpret conversations to some degree leads me to believe he was in love with the mystery girl.   



A Friday night at Daikoku wouldn’t be complete without a van filled with SPL gear, There were 10 visible subs, two huge cone speakers and a rack of amps combining to allow the owner to offer some of his music to people on the other side of Tokyo bay.



Enjoy, share by linking and comment 🙂


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