Lead up to the Skyline Festival

Coming up in around a month is this years annual Skyline festival at Fuji speedway. Its a model specific version of the more famous Nismo festival and skyline lovers wet dream.

We woke early, before the sun and embarked on our journey in a….. Mazda 2 hire car. Not very suited to the event or for masculinity but, it included parking at the Mazda depot free of charge. Parking prices can be steep and being in the middle of Yokohama meant it would cost around $30 for the 4 or so hours we were resting. The solution was dropping it off and collecting again outside of business hours.

The journey was quite easy, we decided to travel on the toll road to avoid getting lost.  As a long time skyline lover, anticipation grew as we travelled but witnessing the iconic Hakouska GTR was still just a dream. Limited sleep and straight roads lead to the decision of taking an exit a few before the GPS suggested. An attempt to see some country side and fight fatigue, it worked we got an awesome journey via roads that lead us through a series of tunnels and mountains.

A few minuets from the track we chased down the first C10 of the day. Immaculately restored on steel wheels seems to work so well.

Arriving at the gate was a sensory overload we met with Fuji-San, Ken and Meri and the rest of the family, friends we would be spending the day with. The others woke after loud outbursts I had before deciding where to park without interfering with the clubs parking in arrangements. It was an overcast day and Fuji-San soon decided to disappear for the remainder of the day.

We were ushered into the public parking area that was sprinkled with some teasers building up to the main area. It was a good mix of new an old, straight 6 heaven.

And a chance to lay eyes on some other timely treats….

We only discovered the event by a poster in the Toyota museum so we couldn’t read the schedule or get a grasp of what on track action to expect. Taping up the gaps will help with areo,  being loaded with a weld in cage gives only a small taste of what’s to come.

We’ll work through the car park a little more before hitting the main event, next up a mint C210 with all windows tinted blue.

which continues into trio of 110’s with my blue…

….and some S20 goodness.

Walking into the main arena it gets serious, everything steps up another level. Being full of hard to obtain models results in every modification being well thought out and matched with craftsmanship exceeding anything I’ve seen before.  The moulded ducktail of this 110 with matching body line would leave the uneducated thinking it was a factory item.

Next post will be a walk through of section A, designated for the ’70s and earlier.

And will be followed by the 80’s lineup.

Click Here to see the official 2012 website  and check the gallery below for a few bonus shots.



1 Response to “Lead up to the Skyline Festival”

  1. 1 Slappy
    July 10, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Great photos & coverage!

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