Gloria follow up

The internet has made the world a very small place. You can make friends that speak different languages, keep up to date with event results and surprisingly trace back history of cars.

In January 2011 I posted a series containing images of a 90’s inspired VIP Gloria. Recently I stumbled across the same car, reposted from when it was for sale at one point prior to october 2009, the car is almost exactly the same. I wonder if Japan has the same stigma as we have here when buying a completed master piece.



Now I’ve been a fan of the later Y33 model Nissan Gloria for a number of years, but stumbled across this little beauty while browsing the Japanese car sales sites. This, the Y30, was equiped with a newly developed VG20ET 2.0ltr V6 Turbo engine pushing out around 160-170bhp. The turbo on the Y30 was a twin-stage unit with allowed the wastegate to stay closed at lower RPM increasing throttle response. At high speeds, the flap would stay open, decreasing resistance and increasing exhaust flow. Despite the technological advances, the VG20ET was a short-stroke engine and was still pretty gutless. However, looking this good – you wouldn’t want to be driving around too fast. Plus, you wouldn’t have time to watch all the TVs or want to run the risk of messing up the shrine in the boot! Mato

p.s. Hopefully this is the return to regular posting.


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