DMC – North Chiba

One of the many random spots discovered from late night aimless wandering was DMC – Dootech Motor Care. My attention was initially gained from a partly disassembled Ferrari receiving some repairs.  European supercars don’t get my taste buds tingling but for a shop to be trusted with such a repair it implies there is something special about their standards. Check the shelves in the back of the workshop.

It was 9.30 at night with patches of rain intermittently falling from the sky so I took a hurried look in the car park beside the main workshop. There was a cool array of cars available from American inspired vans to this purposeful looking Alto Works

A3SGTE, presumably it has expired.

Often In Japan you will see hard to find models parked up around work shops.

Sometimes, but not often they are fitted with extremely rare wheels like these Southern Ways Aero Sports with some nice negative offset.

On the rear were some suitably sized meshies, unfortunately rust is taking over this GX71 Cresta. Nothing some Zokusha box flares wouldn’t cover though. I checked DMC’s Blog and one of his recent posts was showing the wheels missing. Some scum has stolen them straight from Endo’s car!

16×10 areo sports are rare and I hope they find their way back and his GA61 stays safe.

My Japanese is very limited but I had a quick chat with Shingo and asked if I could photograph his tyre rack. From what I could see every tyre has a matching rim hidden inside!

Once he saw my excitement he slowly opened one of the boxes stacked up

To reveal some monster SSR Formula Mesh.

Straight from the factory. 16×12 -48!

If I remember correctly,  Endoo-San planed to use them in a future build which he hasn’t decided on. These images are from 2010 so maybe were closer to seeing these wrapped in rubber.

Arigato Gozaimasu Endoo-San


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