Tam – Motorsport

The Toyota Automobile Museum houses a small motorsport inspired collection.

The Cosmo and Prince R380 were present as they were competitors to Toyota’s motorsport efforts.

The Toyota GT2000 must be one of the most elusive additions for Toyota collectors. Pure sex on wheels but easily over shadowed by something completely unobtainable to collectors…

A 1970 Toyota 7. Jiro Kawano developed both the GT2000 and ‘7. The 1970 model was destined for group 7 of the Japanese Grand Prix until rulings changed and only open wheel cars would be eligible to enter. Rumours around the interwebs say there are only 3 ’70  editions, the plan was to take them to the states and make the most of the revisions made by Toyota. Unfortunately the luck of number 7 wasn’t on Toyota’s side with two of their most important drivers killed in testing.

The wedge shaped body is complimented by the slightly elevated rear wing.

It looks quite large in images withe the wide sloping nose…

Until you see the driver position to show the scale of thing. Its length is around 700mm less then a standard S13.


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  1. December 17, 2011 at 11:32 am

    Awesome post bro, love these classics.

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