Beyond Demon.

This Alto works has taken the term Oni-Kyan ‘demon camber’ to the next level.
The works has been subjected to a set of what looks like tiny BBS on chunky tyres with around -45 on the rear and a -30 on the front camber
From what I’ve found so far, there’s nothing showing the underside but I can assure you, there is an excessive amount of custom fabrication in producing that much camber.
If this were to show up on any other site/blog, the reasoning behind giving this car so much camber debated in extensive depth over the fact that this would be considered ‘dangerous’ by the majority of the western public
But hey! this is in Japan, not every car has to be 1000hp car that does under 1min at tsukuba circuit. there’s other ways of building boss cars and the owner of this has done so.

Thanks for viewing


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