streetside – civic

Wold wide there’s arguments about what’s JDM or if certian mods are period correct or purely if a rig rides low enough. In Japan it partially flips the other way around.

The Honda USDM scene is Americas interpretation of the  age old Japanese styles with a little twist. Sliding through Osaka’s Americamura this Civic parked up mid intersection, past the stop line for the traffic lights. In the background you will see a blue sign, that’s the police station and when this was taken is mid crackdown on illegally modified cars by the Osaka authorities. The owner had a presence where people seemingly knew who he was, maybe  a local store or restaurant owner or something more.

Equip 03’s in fluro to match the candy style paint covering OEM body lines. A hella flush license plate holder leads into the engine bay full of metal polished and matching blue accessories. AEM engine cover fill out the American influence. Hands and feet gather around to take a peak as the bonnet, or should I say Hood  was raised.


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