Usjdm X ZokuSha

After watching the JDM movement aka “stanced” in the states grow in the states and seeing the USDM style in Japan eventually it was inevitable it would reach Kuysha/ZokuSha. The Japanese I have met have a real fondness for how the Americans interpreted their style and in turn have reinterpreted at taken the JDM/USDM style to the next level.

Theres been a many speedhunters/Hellaflush/Stancenation blog showing slammed X73 Cressidas on Steelies/XXR/Random cheap rims (and a few on decent rims) pop up over the years, with the typical Blog roll sticker list and the sticker bombed guard/bonnet/random small area so naturally I was pretty shocked to find a X7 in japan styled the same way. This GX71 Mark II sedan (aka Mx73 Cressida body) is only separated from its USDM counter part by the OEM Foglight grill.

Rolling on Genuine Hayashi Streets. 14×8 fronts? And 14×9 -19 rears, no Rota “Shakotan’s” here, just yet.

One thing I noticed after meeting with a few US/JDM style tunners from my last trip to japan is the amount of detail they at a style to, for example this “sticker bombed” front lower lip.

Blog Sticker list.

Parting shot

What ever your thoughts are on this “stanced” USDM/JDM style that’s prevalent these days. One things for sure… this car has been built to a very specific style and pulls it off well… American”Stanced”Zokusha in Japan.

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