Grinderz figaro

During Origin drift day we attended during K-Tours we had the privilege of meeting the owner of this little K10 based Nissan Figaro. Hailing from the Grinderz crew he was only to happy to have a chat about it.

He stoped by the comp to meet up with a mate who competed and in what little English he had told us about his car and the USDM Jam Ver8 he just made it back from (Very Jellous!). Do you hellaflush? Do you know Canibeat? he asked then blurted out offset is everything. High fives and holla’s all round. The “JDM/USDM” seams to be a popular in Japan, and like always they can take it to that next level.

He was running 15×7+40(ish) with 165/45 Pirelli Dragons with 25mm bolt on spacers, when I asked he said ”Japanese Style”, I didn’t fully understand the point of that at the time thinking to my self… “why wouldn’t you put 8j’s on and fill the guards” but for the simple reason. A 165/45 is at its limit on 7j’s, if you go a wider tyre its a lot harder to make fit + make low enough, hence why you see a lot of slammed small cars running spacers and the ability to go so low in japan.

a good shot to show extent of slammed goodness…

finally no matter what car, most of the time what sets Japanese cars apart from everywhere else in the world is the eye for detail, and more importantly the sort of detail that if anyone in the western world done would be flamed for… Notice his lack of windscreen wipers and golf oil 69 balls in their place, also notice that the front wind screen is an almost mirror tint and when I asked, “what happens if it rains?” ah, you know… Rain X? he said. What a Trooper!

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1 Response to “Grinderz figaro”

  1. 1 bc
    July 10, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    love the air freshener hanging under the car hahaha random

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