Illegal Sick // Real Low

Rolling out as a convoy we headed to the local parts shops, first stop was Autobacs in  Mie Prefecture, we were welcomed by a seriously low down Ek.

Most people with lowered cars like to mention to others the height the roll at, anything less then legal takes a few street credits. Real low, down doesn’t need fat after market side skirts to fill the void.

We were lucky enough to be wit Shane Bingham and his fluent Japanese speaking skills, he had a  chat with the owner Tamaki and invited him along with us. We rolled out to the local Up Garage then to Yoshinoya for dinner cameras snapping crazily the whole time.

Flick through the gallery below and have a look at the insane details, the wheels are fully restored with IS centre caps, the headlights have been opened up and customised, mud flaps ground down by bitumen. If you like what you see head on to the Illegal Sick blog takeiteg.exblog.jp and at 2:30 in the video below you can see the intense ride height

all images apart from the b&w are direct from the camera, keeping it raw to suit the subject.


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