Auszoku Weekly

Our hard drives are overflowing with content, folders of original photos and coverage from Japan, adding to that are wall papers, internet finds and local event coverage. There’s no excuse for limited posts here so we have decided that at minimum the TOR blog will get weekly love. If time permits we will throw in some extras between the larger features. Jump in the seat and belt up for some original low down content.

Generic hype aside, we really do have megagigs of images to sort and stories to tell starting at the iconic Suzuka Motorland.  K-Tours and Drift Kansai held a huge tour earlier in the month and we were lucky enough to be aboard. The first official event was a drift practice where the gaijin gathered and were schooled by Sprinters at a track with an extremely iconic background.

It was the first track day of the trip and my first time sliding in Japan meaning we were too busy driving to capture action shots. After the session was over we helped with the mandatory sweeping of the track… the whole track and started shooting.

Small touches add up quickly, this beige or milk tea if your trendy coloured hatchi has been dressed in some simple FRP addons including front fenders and some timeless SSR’s.

Coming a little closer the imperfections show but that holds more personality then any immaculate show car could ever be feed. Rivets holding the fenders, lexan rear window and a DIY tow hook lead towards its real purpose which follows on into the cockpit.

Committed drift style with only the bare essentials accompanied by wear marks that cant be fabricated. Running tandem with the locals brought endless smiles especially when following one of the most famous notch backs in history.

It’s owner was extremely proud to stand by his awesome machine, he didn’t build it from the ground up but he has added some personal touches to make it quite unique.

4AGE, earthing kit, carbies…. nothing out of the ordinary?

Until you notice that they are CR flat slide carbs adapted from a motorbike setup. It’s far from the first time flat slides have been used on cars but its not the most common approach especially this side of the equator.

Another aspect that isn’t straight off the shelf is the limited edition Bride seat which are given as trophies at high end events.

Thanks for reading.


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