Wreck’EM Meihan day

For those of you who might be in Japan in early may, Put coming to this event as one of your must do’s!

After the success of the last K-Tours Osaka drift day @ Meihan Sportsland, which saw the likes of Nakamura from Team Burst, Utsumi from Nightzone, Yoshida for M-Bros. (if you remember I posted a video awhile back here – k-toursosaka-com-x-burst). Well they are doing it all over again now teaming up with Mez Productions of Wreck’EM ‘Ohoneoh’ to bring you Wreckem’EM / K-Tours.com Meihan sports land Drift day

This day will included such drivers as Yahoo Auctions expert Jesse Streeter, D1GP driver Akinori Utsumi, Yoshida from SuperMade & D1SL and Team Burst Captian Nakamura Naoki and his Crew will be attending. The idea is for those with a Car to drive, you’re going to have the chance of driving with, been taken passenger, take passenger and getting advice from some of Japan’s best drifters in a laid back environment. Im sure a few tips from these guys and you’ll lift your game by leaps and bounds, especially at a track as demanding as Meihan.

For those of you without a car, come along to watch, see what’s on offer. If you’re interested in coming along to the day please K-Tours Osaka, DRIFTKANSAI Or check the Face Book Group for details of how to attend.

Just don’t play “That Gaijin” and turn up unannounced, This is a Private Track hire day So save your self the embarrassment and get in touch.



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