Another great example of the value of having your nose pressed against the window of the train with this “SkylineBridge”. A holder of Skyline history which I can reasonably confidently say is an impossible to find combination in any other corner of the world.

Like most departures hastily taken mid journey this one has two halves, another story to follow this soon.

The outer suburbs of most major cities have privately owned rail companies meaning to get to some small pockets far away from the tourist attractions it can take three, four or even five trains to reach your goal.

Poking just out from the bridge was this clean R31 coupe with its front lip buried in the grass.

Mild meshies and the length of the grass hint that there hasn’t been much attention given. The owner found it more important to store some more important parts of his collection under the rail bridge.

A prince looking quite factory.

With a mint bumper and grill…

… clean original lines flowing around the rear with all factory badges and garnishes in perfectly straight condition.

The interior was in immaculate condition locked away from the harsh elements of mother nature.R30 race car!

The decals front and rear lead toward it being track spec over a replica

The roll cage silhouette in the rear window

Wantanabe wheels wrapped in slicks long past their usable age

Period correct decals…. (read decals placed back in the golden days) Track rules often require some sort of modification such as externally mounted kill switches

Imagine the scream of a set of triple carbs strapped to the side of an L series fitted with a custom exhaust system.

Imagine owning a Prince Skyline and having a ’30 track car to park beside it. Even in the tight confines of Japan a lucky few have the luxury of owning Skyline history spanning 20 years.


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  1. May 2, 2011 at 11:53 am

    thats cool as 😀

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