Recently JohnZoku and I made the trip down to Sydney to catch up with some cool heads and meet plenty more. Below is only a sneak peak at the diverse range of cars that showed up through the day. If you look closely there’s a few Auszoku members on show including Fonz and his show stopper ta22.

Check the ADM version of a Civic with roof racks + Fixie 😀

Sydney brought out an awesome range of cars ranging from all out track monsters to luxury spec rides on Volk TEs and of course some old fashioned low down style.

We didnt spend much time on the road taking feature style pics to use in a writeup so I’ll throw up some interesting stats from the trip.

– Over 2000km of road travelled

– 50hrs total time

– 23+hrs of seat time

– 2 Car meets

– 7hrs sleep

–  400+ photos

– A Micra consumes around 50% of the fuel consumption of a turbo Silvia


A huge thanks to everyone on the trip that kept us company and entertained, Fonz and his crew, JMDST, The Low Down and Body Form for making it worth the round trip.


2 Responses to “AUSZOKU BNE // SYD JDMST”

  1. April 3, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Glad you guys enjoyed it!
    Thanks for making the trip over, commendable!

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