All Japanese Day and Classic Day

Last weekend was one of the three main shows Auszoku gets together and has a club display. Ive got a fair few pics to post up but I think ill start with the Auszoku element.

We started by meeting at a local shopping centre, seemingly not long after the sun had spilled over the horizon (I was doing a home wheel alignment as the sun rose).

The south siders  assembled and caught up as the numbers grew. We had a slightly delayed start when the bonnet latch of the C110 gave way and an emergency run was organised for some wire to hold it down, the funny part to that is yet to come.  Once everything was sorted we formed up and went straight for the highway, until a phone call came in. Two cars that we planned to meet with were early to the service station which the rest of the fleet would gather to be welcomed by the department of transport.  DOT are the people who know what they are talking about and what the rules are, its not some local officer who targets loud exhausts and blow off valves. No car owner wants and encounter as its a sure way to have your car taken off the road. Unfortunately they bailed up the recently finished MA61 which had travelled a couple of hours for the show, they were nice enough to be more focused on getting a fast food breakfast the giving tickets and luckily after a wheel change it was free to go.

The cruise took a shortcut straight to the show and met Rob who had acquired the only shady area in sight.

Its amusing to see the entrants line up into the even rows then,  a bunch of cars which have taken a different path lined up off to the side keeping with non conformist mentality they have been modified in.

‘Morbid curiosity’ was the rolling joke watching people walking over, there were the regulars that were happy to explain the history of our rides. You can pick the BMW design elements in the rear quarter window according to our friend….

Speaking shit fit in well so I added a hang ring to his Suzuki X90 which was conveniently parked up with us.

I didn’t spend a huge amount of time photographing each car, more of an attendance log of sorts. Theres build threads and upcoming features to do that. Every show you see the progress of builds from Cosby’s 1UZ Cressy which is about to begin its transformation

Along the varying path to Scotty’s box of offset.

My S13 finally almost fitting in.

The turbo 7M MA61

Brad’s 330 Cedric

Robs ’71 P130 Cedric aka Datsun ‘Special six’ – Pre ADR and exempt from most rules!

JohnZoku’s C110 240K which you will see alot more of

Then Mikes wagon and Meg and Marvs MA61

Through the day we ventured in an out of the burning sun to see what was new and what had changed, there’s a bunch of good content on its way.

Lunch time hunger grew and the heat was draining and the density of cars was getting lower by the minuet.

A few blocks later we made an unscheduled stop due to the 110 not being happy about the temps and were joined by the local police. The officer happily picked out the faults in all of our cars and went on his way without any revenue raising needed but reminded us of  the ass clenching  paranoia we feel every time the key is turned.

The wired down bonnet barely got a shrug! The MA61’s experience wasn’t so easy

Huge props go out to everyone who came regardless if they were in their rig or hitched a ride. A few special mentions need to be made for some monumental efforts.

Scotty and Zac and crew for travelling 2+ hours in cars that aren’t suited for long trips.

Johnzoku for having the balls and commitment to bring the skyline that he had previously never driven regardless to reliability.

And mostly our friendly cop friend.


2 Responses to “All Japanese Day and Classic Day”

  1. February 26, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    Fuck yes. Awesome write up. Don’t understand why the boistloosing tags were there with their 34s in the show? But once again cool write up 🙂 was a good day (the time e spent there )

  2. March 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    wicked write up mate.. was annoyed that I missed this 😦

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