Retro Workshop 2/2

Continuing on from the yard shots in the last post to the unsuspecting workshop filled with history and collectables

I walked up the stairs to ask for permission to snap some shots inside, optimistic that someone with some minimal English speaking skills would be in. Unfortunately when I used one of my limited Japanese phrases and asked  if anyone could understand English, I got a no. Using gestures and waving my oversized camera I got a nod to photographs.

I haven’t seen too many B210 Sunny’s kitted in works style areo outside of organised historic race meets.

The deep chin spoiler is balanced out by the huge fenders and rear spoiler. The wheels, semi slick tyres and lack of license plates show race heritage mixed with the immaculate and complete interior giving it the total collectable race car feel.

I hesitantly entered the workshop,  not really knowing how far was ok with the owner. Finding an overwhelming amount of classic racing gear…

… a trio of race cars lined the back wall. Open wheeler tucked behind engine parts and and array of rare race wheels.

A damaged C110 minus engine.

And another Sunny looking like its been put aside for quite a while. Such a collectable package!

Check the size of this slicks.

You have to envy the trust and honesty of the Japanese people. Out front, on the main road was this 86

Hishinos with centre caps…

And a spare 20 valve

In plain view of passers by, unfortunately stuff like this would disappear quickly if left out so obviously in other parts of the world.

If anyone can translate the Kanji on the front of the workshop let me know what it says, id like to find some more information and maybe send them an email.


3 Responses to “Retro Workshop 2/2”

  1. January 10, 2011 at 6:45 am

    BILS SUNNY! Damn, pretty awesome to stumble across that car.
    Here are two links that may interest you



  2. 2 dandfx
    January 13, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    awesome find! its good to see specs, ill have to add them into the post. thanks.

    I wonder if the workshop has links to Bils?

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