Sporting Celica

Rob; a long time member of AusZoku picked up this Toyota Celica St162 as a daily for him and his girlfriend. Unhappy with the blandness of a stock daily the plan was hatched to throw some rims on, lower alittle (not to attract attention from Mr PoPo) and to do something a little left field as ive pretty much never seen any FF celica’s that have been modified on 80’s era rims/

Take one stock Sr162 and XXR aka ‘Sportmax’ 501 15×8 +15 4×114.3/100 pcd.

Then added Some 165/65R15 tyres for the front and 185/60R15 tyres for the rear.

The fitment on the rear is perfect although if the fronts were say +30 it would be nice all round but since XXR only make one off offsets some camber will have to be dialled in at a later date.

Just chilling with on of Auszoku’s newest members Jacob and his new project car, a LA Lancer.



1 Response to “Sporting Celica”

  1. January 19, 2011 at 3:05 pm

    haha looking better than last time i saw it! 😀

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