Retro Workshop 1/2

Embarking on a search for upgarage and  autobacs second hand stores is the perfect excuse to pack the bike and head to an area far off the tourist maps. Armed with a few a4 prints and mobile phone photos of rail stations and major intersections, a backpack of camera gear and the desire to get lost I boarded the first of three trains needed to make the journey.

Verging on having motion sickness from 40 minuets of  scanning of the areas as the train passes smaller and smaller areas I check the in car map, being an outside line there is no need for English as there is no tourist spots on this line. I match up the Kanji to the planned transfer station and prepare to swap.  Stepping off the carriage I find myself in a small enclosed station which joins two separate lines. Over the  bridge via a vending machine the sound of an oncoming train gets closer, I jump on and grab out my maps to check the next station in line to double check I’m heading in the correct direction.

Before the first station I spot the silvia and an 86 from the previous post, jumping off for a quick stop. https://teamobscurityracing.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/project-corner/

Two trains and about twenty minuets of pedalling later spot and interesting van from the main road, a quick right turn and a little treasure trove arises.

Working my way through I spot what looks to be a restored Z shell.

4 door R33 with the engine removed…

…and put in the tray of the  1200

Then a Completely restored Z, everything perfect down to the window trims.

Slowly being engulfed by vines.

Then a Merc wagon and a porsche with top mount.

The closer to the workshop you get the more race orientated it gets,  starting with a Civic on semi slicks.

And a purposeful looking 180SX

Fitted with what looks like Tra-Kyoto ducktail, obviously long before the western world caught wind of the idolised designs. The race number and cage hint further to the workshops race heritage.

Unfortunately my lack of Japanese speaking skills stopped me from asking what’s hidden here.

In part two ill continue with the workshops race spec Sunny and the secrets hidden inside the workshop.


2 Responses to “Retro Workshop 1/2”

  1. April 22, 2011 at 2:06 am

    the covered car looks like a starlet
    kp60 or something… nice bro..

  2. 2 seki
    September 20, 2011 at 6:41 am

    Looks like Bugeye starlet to me.

    I like the fact you are traveling with the bike and somehow want to get lost, instead of using the car and navi system. I done that really often in the past as i was young, but oneday i hopefully prepare my bicycle for traveling again and bring it to japan for some epic isle trip.
    And more photos of that rsr charged replica, or better more such articles.

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