Motivated YonMeri

If you look back to the very first post of this blog I listed a few items I’d post about during 2009, ashamedly My C110 YonMeri build has finially started after over a year of ownership.

Currently sitting on 14×8 Front and 14×7 rear Classic one piece Work Equip 01’s due to the ding in the right hand side rear quarter (which is awaiting some love’n form a panel shop because I’m to scared to ruin the awesome line of the C110 if I did it my self) will eventually house 14×9 Equips which is courtesy of Shmora at Auto Shop (Zoku) Mania & Shane Bingham at Drift Kansai

I’ve got a few classic Zokusha bits planed but until they are realized I wont be posting in great detail just yet, for now ill be installing the 5 Speed, getting some hydraulic brakes working (as the Hand Brake is the only option at the moment) and the suspension and steering up to scratch.



2 Responses to “Motivated YonMeri”

  1. 1 marcussssssssss
    January 8, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Im looking forward to seeing much much more of this. Must be like one of the only ones in Australia?

  2. 2 dandfx
    January 9, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    There’s a collector in Brisbane who is rumored to own more classic skylines they most have seen around, numbers of 15+ were floating around for a while.

    I have contact with a someone who towed his collection from the field they were originally stored in to a shed but he is reluctant to let me know more. A few Auszoku members have met him.

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