Project Corner

I found this S13 in a car park looking like its part way through a conversion, or maybe even damage repair.

It has entrant numbers from a drift event pasted in the windows and a few paint and panel shop decals which hint to its previous form.

Its funny that I ticks a lot of  boxes in terms of local trends. Miss matched panels, bright wheels and cable ties.

But for some reason I don’t think it is as deliberate as some of the people here and in the US may like to think.

Trends aside, it looks like its serving the owner well.

It must be hard to have a project on the run in Japan, especially if an outdoor car park is you work space.
Next up was this 86

Simple Aero, bolt on flares filed with work equips and all super clean which makes it look that its built for grip.

Cobwebs Join the Tyres and Flares and the interior houses a second set of rims and tyres wrapped in Yellow Hat covers.

I found it interesting that the owner has held onto the original front and rear bars, almost certainly for the next inspection that comes up.


1 Response to “Project Corner”

  1. 1 Ken
    January 23, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    hey, didnt you post that hachiroku before? My comp is asking to replace images Im trying to save, hehe…

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