Not your regular datto ute

I recieved the perfect gift for Christmas… Return tickets to Japan, which means i need to post up everything from last trip before I end up with more images to share.

Rolling around in a hire car I spotted this 1200 ute. Here in Australia they pop up now and again but are generally restored and pretty uninspiring, not often enough do you see a registered version with a bunch of unique features.

The images suck as the rain through the day was getting me worried about the moisture, just squint a little and they clear up.


It starts off on the out side showing inspiration from hot rod / rock and roll culture.

The body works flat paint is offset by a splash of clear red over a set of work equips.


Chequers and polished steel tie the whole thing together.



The part that make the whole thing stand out is in the tray, a custom air bag setup obviously designed to go low.



1 Response to “Not your regular datto ute”

  1. January 4, 2011 at 10:50 am

    sunny utes can be so cool.
    this one is better than 99% of aussie ones.

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