Works Rs-R @ Ebisu

One of my dreams, which maybe odd to some is oneday owning a Kei class Drift car, I love small cars and I love drifting and to me there’s nothing cooler than combining the two. While off getting some spare parts for my sil, my lovely girlfriend snapped these shots of this Suzuki Alto Works RS-R blasting around School course while I was away.

When I got back I immediately took a shine to this. Went over and with all 5 words of my Japanese language skills I complemented the owner. It’s an Alto Works RS.R with locked front diff and the drive shafts removed. It had an after part front bar stock side skirts and a rear lower lip that was removed a little later during the session and toped off with Lame (glitter/Flake) silver. 14×6’s with tiny 155/55 R14 tyres are a must when sliding a kei. Striped interior, roll cage, bride brix seat and a few random gauges.

Waiting to pounce!

Here are a few more shots of the Alto in action. Take notice of the angry eye lids on the bonnet. They looked like bits of fibreglass cut to suit but they looked very effective.

Although he didn’t have consistent lines or could link the whole track in one go it still looked like a blast to be driving something so small around. The guy had a smile on the whole time and in all honesty I did too watching him.

Seeing this slide in person was awesome, I’ve got a few clips that I’m putting together of it that ill post at a later date. Might not be the best car to slide but it looks like a lot of fun!



1 Response to “Works Rs-R @ Ebisu”

  1. December 12, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    Ah i love this! I posted a bunch on my blog, go check ’em out

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