Crazy Taxi – shakotan crown

On the way to nostalgic meeting at Hiroshima circuit we stopped at a connivance store where a few Zokusha meet up on the way. Amongst the chasers and Mark II’s there was this Crown typically used as a taxi in Japan.

We followed him and his friends to the track, the entrance to Hiroshima circuit is quite steep and funny enough this was so low that it couldn’t even make it past the front gate.

The rear end had been converted to a shadily welded in S13 rear cross member and running “no sus”, cant remember the Japanese word for it but it requires removing your springs and only rolling on the shock absorbers and bump stops.

The outer guards were left standard even complete with chrome trim and epic amounts of camber was added to make these BBS mesh with very low profile tyres fit the guards. Its definitely the complete opposite to what 90% of the rest of the world would do but then again that’s why JDM style is so popular, they dare to be different, or don’t care… either or.

I love the style of this car. I couldn’t see a line out of place that wasn’t from factory. The car was obscenely low but somehow remained super clean.
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