Zokusha @ Ebisu Spring Matsuri

There was a Few Zokusha getting around at matsuri which I was stoked to see, had a short chat with a few guys there and gave out some Auzoku stickers to a few.

First we spotted this S13 and C33 laurel, already seen on speed hunters from previous Drift Matsuri’s. it was a Beater S13 with an SR20 and a singnature Bamboo exhaust system which came up from behind the passenger with a few kinks and out the side of the car which sounded awesome!

this car rolled during Saturday evening and crushed the roof alittle… the guys used the crane on the back of there truck to strighen it out, WIN!

There Matching C33 with Random VIP style exhaust, I could literal put my foot in it.

This Gx71 Mark II was floating around all weekend rolling on 14’s and powered by the sound of it a 1GGTE. I was watching it hit Minmai course coming back up the hill after the front straight and lifting 3 wheels in the air.

I remember seeing this Gz10 from Dino’s and others coverage from the last summer matsuri.

Running the NA 1GGE and rolling on what I was told to be by the owner 15×8.5 XR4’s up front and 15×9 0 offset on the rear. 195/50 R15’s all round.

tidy and nice stance, makes me want to pick up a soarer and take it to ebisu but for the cost of them these days I’d be best off buying two S13’s

Nice tidy blue interior.

Up a Higashi circuit these guys were throwing this cool little AA63 around rolling on Advan A3A’s and Starsharks, it seamed a few guys were driving it and loving it.

Im pretty sure theres a old clip on youtube floating around of this R31 getting around minmai course.

such a Sexy car going to waste in the famous Ebisu car lot.

This Toyota Progres was Baller! Uber low with epic fitment sliding around the place.

And was followed around by his mate in this Yaruki Mate! GX71 Cresta

Nice C33 rolling on 15” Mesh caught my eye. Nice and simple early 90’s look FTW!

Epic Parting shot of the two Z10’s and Mark II wagon packed up ready to head home after two amazing days

Thanks for reading


3 Responses to “Zokusha @ Ebisu Spring Matsuri”

  1. August 24, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Bah, i wanna bring that R31 home and give it some TLC :_(

  2. August 24, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Same, such a sweet looking car. What’s with the Car Lot? Are they for sale or just abandoned?

    • August 24, 2010 at 11:29 pm

      Some are, some cars are owned by the people that own the track and some are just stored there and the owners pay for it from what i understand/been told.

      that R31 is awesome, found the clip of it sliding, look out for the next post 😛

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