All jap show mkii

Looking thru my photos and I wanted to do a separate post for these two cars which to me were the stand outs of the day.

Firstly this EF Civic (correct me if Im wrong) caught my eye being a JDM 4wd version with all its original treats which we didn’t receive in the ADM version rolling on some quite purple wheels.

We had a chat to the owner which had found it in Oz but had to jump thru the hoops to get it complianced and registered by taking the doors of an ADM version and transferring them across and giving it a full respray & went as far as collecting original brochures on the car and retaining the front left navigation light that so many people would properly take off as soon as they could.

Secondly this Datsun B110 1200 sedan rolling on 13×6 Enkei super sharks (notice there a 1pc rim unlike SSR Star sharks) and wraped in 175/50 R13 tyres which the owner told me was a pain to find (Australia gets the raw end of tyre choice with very little in anything under 15”)

Running the GL stripe, mint white paint job and fender mirrors + the obligatory low makes this car stand out from a lot of the other “classic jap cars” and definitely is a lot closer to what the Japanese do compared to the older aussie “Japanese car enthusiast”

Very nice stance and perfect for a parting shot.

Thanks for reading


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