FF Drift @ Ebisu Spring Matsuri

So ive been a quite slack in posting the last few months, its been almost 3 months since I got back from Japan. A million Drift/work/study comments so ive taken my time in posting these.

On the last day of the matsuri we headed out to minmai course to check out the action. While standing there i noticed to the disgust of some other Aussies a few FF cars out on track, naturally I was quitly excited seeing I started learning to drift by the ‘ass draging’ my old FF Mitsubishi colt.

Alexi From Nori Yaro.com did a write up on this car already so head on over and check it out… but here’s a few pics.

All I can say is he was getting a bit of speed, almost as much as some of the FR cars. Being NA he did his best to keep angle while sliding and out of the three cars there was easily the best of the day.

Next I spoted this Carina ED. At first I thought it might have been converted to FR, alas I was wrong but still great to see him out sliding.

Works up the front and SSR mesh on the rear, A tidy kit with traces of Zokusha including the bolt on over fenders and GTR wing made this car stand out.

Its such a nice shape for a car, almost a streamlined version of a X81 Mark II… sooo much potential for a FR conversion.

He had some good runs during the day but wasn’t up to the level of the celica driver.

Lastly this L500 Daihatsu mira poped up on track rolling on the smallest XR4’s ive seen in person and SSR mesh on the rearand he kept hitting lap after lap with good lines the whole time on the track.

More soon hopefully.
Thanks for Reading


1 Response to “FF Drift @ Ebisu Spring Matsuri”

  1. August 22, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    I’m in love with that Carina

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