Nagoya exciting carpark showdown

This post was a long time coming but here are some photo’s Shane from Drift Kansai took while attending the Nagoya exciting car show earlier this year.

this 910 bluebird coupe, a rarity in its self roliing on SSR Mk3’s, GTR wing, over fenders and painted in bright red is a win.

If you remember the post of the red chaser I made a few months back, well here’s a rear shot of the car. The bumpers been shaved and replaced with rare 610 bluebird? Tail lights. I reckon these things have awesome rear ends in the first place but I like what he’s done.

this Ga61 is epic! Pretty much what im going for whith my car. Nice paint, over fenders, valtonie California mirrors, over fenders, SSR’s and done. Nice simple build.

A61 & X61 + kei truck

Deppa “duck bill” still alive and well in the style.

Some more mild Kyasha was present in their 80’s glory. 430 Cedric, Gx71 Cresta, C230 Laurel

tidy examples of C130 laurel and gx71 Cresta

Sunny Speed was at the show with his Stanza (violet) on hand. Loved those bronzed SSR Mk1’s

Will leave you with some parting shots.

Sorry for the slackness recently….
New blog(s) are being worked on plus new design/layout.
Thanks for viewing

Photo’s Shane from Drift kansai –

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