Searching for Summer

This week marks the end of another mind bending Japan trip. Three weeks covering five major cities and countless smaller prefectures capturing a total of over 5,800 images ranging from cheesy tourist snaps and art shots, to bursts of action at events and true low down style.

We set off on another ridiculously cheap flight, departing early and arriving in Tokyo just after dark. Bound for Osaka we had a quick stop at Tokyo which was just enough time to rush from one vessel to the other. A short trip past Mt Fuji and we could see the lights of our destination.

The first day was about soaking in as much of the Japanese life as possible, slurping super hot 50 degree bowls of udon and playing drumming games at the arcade. We explored the central areas of Osaka and didn’t have many car finds apart from a few which were all stickered up in the anime district and an S14 with a cross over club sticker, which was just a teaser to what was ahead of us.

My brother is a proper “otaku” and lead us towards an area to find some anime, “itasha” is what you see here.

The third day we planned to head west to Himeji firstly, checking car based shops then collecting a hire car in preparation for D1GP the following day. We found many Autobacs and Yellow Hat stores along the way, which are the equivalent to our Supercheap Auto although slightly better.

Daylight greeted us, with sunlight filtering through a solid layer of grey; we boarded the train bound for the first stop. The rain had settled in for the day so we moved quickly to avoid getting too wet, along the way we found the first mentionable ride, pretty simple but cool none the less.

MX5 with a front lip, 14in SSR meshies and Advan Neovas on all corners.

We headed back into town for some dry clothes and a fierce Mazda Demio hire car. We initially followed the rail line where we spotted a Super Autobacs store that morning. The car park seemed like a meeting point for some show cars, kei seemed the flavour for the night…..

A Jimny that stood out.

We got lucky and worked out the gps system early, japanese was the only language available.

With no plans for the night other then dinner we went exploring, no direction in mind just lots of ‘turn here’ requests. I was pretty surprised to see an A31 Cefiro on 15” MKI wheels, simple and clean, lowered on wheels is all it needed but a few smaller details finished it off like the bent number plate, twin pipes and 400mm shifter.

Too many exported Japanese cars loose the benifits of small wheels and thoughtfull tyre choices when the are shipped away.

We struck gold soon after, finding a truck shop on the same road. It had a reasonable range for a small shop, more aimed at accessories then the dramatic dekotora style. I grabbed some lights and we continued on.

Truck shop shifter displays are arranged by thread pitch and size.

The third find for the night was an R30 RS turbo on meshies and a clean MKII running MKIs in a small sale yard.

Maccas had a Toyota BB on Eurolines with a kit and oval exhaust tip, soon followed by a two tone 280Z for sale at 85k.

The rain continued but didnt deter catching pics of this Z, the paint flows well with the body lines.

I’ll leave it at that for today, in the coming weeks I’ll share more of our adventures… the interesting parts. Expect coverage of D1GP, the 2010 skyline festival, a sneak peak at a wheel collector’s wall of 12in wide wheels and plenty of random finds along the way. If you would like full res shots or more of a certain car please comment below and do what I can to hook it up.


2 Responses to “Searching for Summer”

  1. July 23, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Nice report! Can’t wait for the rest! It looks like you had the perfect Japan trip. Cheap flights are awesome.

  2. July 23, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    itasha style is awesome!

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