All Jap Show MKI.

Recently a small contingent of AusZoku members headed out to The annual all Japanese day held in Brisbane and run by the Rising Sun Collectors Register of Australia and the Seven of Clubs (Mazda & Toyota) on the 20th of June

This was the first time Scotty brought out his freshly painted Suzuki Carry (st90) to a show and it turned quite a few heads. I didn’t get as many pics as I should of so look forward to some more later when he gets his new wheels but…

Full respray, the dash is painted black with rainbow fleck thru it and rolling on 13×5.5j 145/65 R13’s. in the works are 14×7’s, wide fenders and lower! RTB also came out in his Datsun Personal Six (aka cedric) although I didn’t get any decent pics of, but again ill work on some more pics soon.

This Datsun120y (b210) had a surprising engine conversion. RB26dett is not the first conversion you would think of doing.

This tame looking R32 had quite an interesting conversion of its own with a RB20e converted to turbo and black hammer coat type paint sprayed over everything, it’s a tidy conversion but hell if I know whats going on there.

This would happen to be one of the most interesting Datsun 120y’s ive seen in a long time, words can’t describe the awesome.

On the roof it had a rally type air vent from the 60’s that vented into a hole about 100mm in diameter above the drivers head for ventilation (although I didn’t get a pic of it). The interior was adorned with a bed side table clock to replace the original clock a volt meter to replace the original + a few other random gauges and switches that you would expect to see on a boat or an industrial work site.

It seems its some sort of camber van and quite a random thing to see pop up indeed.

A tidy little mazda 1200 wagon with a devastating dint in the rear which apart from that is a flawless classic example.

“Hey JohnZoku, your old Soarer is here” ahh… that jokes not old at all.

Ke55 Rolla on SSR MKIII’s, needs lower but nice

This was the surprise of the day for me! A Toyota 800 sport in the flesh, I thought I would at least have to be in Japan to see one. I instantly fell in love (since I hold much affection for small cars) but realized it’s a bit of a pipe dream at the moment.

Z’s out in force.

Mint Rt72 MKII corona which was for sale as well… nice mint and orginial.

Thanks for viewing, more from the show soon.


2 Responses to “All Jap Show MKI.”

  1. July 6, 2010 at 11:18 pm

    Hey John, I think I saw your old soarer at the show!

  2. July 21, 2010 at 10:44 am

    I wish I could have made it to this…… when’s MKII?

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