drift kansai and k-tours osaka. mki

I’ve been too Japan twice now and I’ve talked to quite a few drifters, grip guys or just JDM enthusiast that have been as well and we’ve come to the conclusion that if you want to see the workshops, tracks, Car scene or even get a glimpse of what Touge runs are like you need a local guide that can show you around, arrange some track time or act as a interpreter.

Too many time’s I’ve talked to people who don’t realise it’s a mission to find these places or explain to people what place your looking for as the general population doesn’t really have a clue, unless you have mapped it all out and planed your routs from the railway station to the workshop. Of those people I’ve talked to when they have had someone take them there its always been “this day was the best day ever” as there’s no stress, able to have a chat to the guys, get taken to a few other local places, etc… this can be also said about getting a car to drive, no one wants to spend 3k+ getting an agent to arrange a car for them with papers, the papers have to be in a Japanese citizen’s name, take a car out to a track (let alone even been able to find the place) only to brake down with limited tools, not knowing the language and not getting a decent track time in.

BUT… Now there’s an easier way~! Some friends of mine have sent up K-Tours Osaka and Drift Kansai which take you to the places you want to see like work shops and tracks in the Kansai area and even actually give you the opportunity to drive a set up car at a track without the worries of having no tools, no spare parts and (if required) a experienced Mechanic/Tour Guide/Translator/Tow truck driver/Drift instructor.

But now to the point of my post, I thought I’d show just what you might see in one day. On my first trip over we decided to go out check some tracks out, have a look at some work shops and get some awesome food on the way. We headed out in out NA S14 Slivia with coilovers and a 2way diff about 40mins outside of Osaka out to Maihan Motorland, unfortunately there was motorbikes on so we bailed but spotted this little gem sitting right beside the track… SSR Wheels factory! Also close by was HKS kansai so we stoped in for a gander as well… this was the first time I’d seen the new R35 GTR in the flesh… they also had there Evo 10 in as well.

Next off was a stop in a Suzuka Twin Circuit. one track had grip running full tilt while the other had drift sessions, we stoped for a while to have a watch…

An Awesome shot of the tracks

The Bride ae86’s were out for a slide training there newest team member.

Next off was Suzuka Motorland. This places was amazing, a mix of tight corners and hair pins made it perfect to slide with the Na S14. all three of us chipped in and had turns driving the track, just a small taste unfortunately but well worth the money!

Think this was Me driving the Sil around the 2nd last corner… I ❤ this track!

we headed in to Suzuka city and even sneaked into Suzuka speed way, it was off season and they were working on the complex (must of thought we were foreign engineers..lol)

Here’s the Sil out front of all the tyre garages

by this time it was around 3 or 4 in the arvo but our day wasn’t over just yet.
Part 2 to the day is in the works.

Thanks for reading


3 Responses to “drift kansai and k-tours osaka. mki”

  1. March 3, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    cool shit man. ssr factory! that is amazing, i would love to visit that place

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