Picture this… (Part 1 of 2)

….. you’re out and about in Japan, on a mission , a mere hour and a half walk from the rail station to visit Top Secret with a hand drawn map, a falling sun and no local language skills. Three trains later I arrived at my planned station and started walking.

A few pachinko parlours and a pretty busy shopping street welcomed me, I spun my map a few times to ensure I was heading in the right direction then headed off, the first mentionable car I saw was an obviously used 180, the ride height was amazing, or should I say nonexistent, my only measuring device I could pull from my bag was my passport, feeling like one of the local police back home. This thing was half a passport off the ground, half of the width! I took a full set of shots but that will come in its own post later on.

I got to the first turn I needed to navigate, left then take the first right, easy? Except that Google maps were kind enough to take me down a dirt road, just after it had rained. I wasn’t tough enough to go ankle deep through small farms so walked back and forth along the main road working out an alternative, sort of hard when your map only has the turns you need to take and no other roads.

In optimistic spirits of finding cool stuff, even if I didn’t make Top Secret, I started wandering. I noted where the sun was setting, knowing I had no idea how to navigate anyway.

Soon enough I passed a few car parks and found some cool cars. The first find was a car park split in two halves, the left was for a tiny restaurant with a few R33 skylines including a pretty clean GTR

The right was what looked like a smash repair with a few crashed cars, an s13 mid body kit and a bunch of cars that looked abandoned, the best part was the supra in showroom condition that passed as I continued along. (Excuse the blurry picture)

Over the next 20 minutes I passed a few more parking spaces and found a nice clean FD, drift style S15 and….

This little gem was obviously abandoned for some time, I’d like to revisit this next trip with better Japanese skills to try locate the owner.

Shortly after I spotted two grip FF cars double parked in a driveway, the first a starlet then a Levin, I thought this was a pretty cool sight until I saw the shed on the other side. I didn’t catch the name or get photos this time but it was a workshop that built FF track cars, there were a few cars such a Toyota echo in full track prep.

They didn’t speak English unfortunately but I managed to explain that I was heading to Top Secret, the 5 guys all laughed and couldn’t explain the way. The head guy called a mechanic over and said something Japanese and pointed to follow him, I guessed he’d try explain the way from the street. Instead he jumped in his car and drives me there. We had a very limited chat based on chassis codes etc, it’s funny that it’s an international language. Turns out he has an ae101 race car and was a mechanic for HKS and the workshop I stumbled across was an affiliate workshop. He was reluctant to take my money and I gave enough to buy himself and the guys at the workshop a beer.

I made it! Had a limited chat to Smokey and got a photo for evidence. If you don’t know Smokey Nagata Google his name, the workshop had an awesome range of cars out front, pretty much every sports car style was there. His 400km/hr project was tucked in the corner to keep it away from prying eyes.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

And a parting shot of the s15 I mentioned earlier.
Part two soon.


3 Responses to “Picture this… (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. January 29, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Dude, this is so rad.

  2. 2 beeoneoneoh
    January 31, 2010 at 7:20 am

    poor little 110

  3. 3 dandfx
    January 31, 2010 at 7:46 am

    slappy, im making pt 2 now, hopefully wont take too long.

    beeoneoneoh, im pretty sure this one is in good hands, the little honda above had a rusted out friend tucked around the back so im sure this is being stored for a reason…. prius hibrid conversion? lol

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