Zokusha of Auszoku: The MZ11

There was a few reasons I started this blog, firstly to bring the joy of Bosozoku style cars to the world (but I got beaten to that by a few) and secondly to bring builds of Auzoku members to a wider audience (with there permission) and what better car to start this with but the first car to be posted on Auzoku.

I had long been a fan of Zokusha and after selling my bits’a AE86 I spotted this MZ11 Soarer on eBay for the amount I just got for the 86, I rushed down to have a look at it and decided then and there I would take it.

1985 Toyota Soarer Mz11 Extra edition, auto with a 6MGE (these came with 5MGE’s but had a MZ12 6M put in sometime during it life), smashed rear tail light and passenger window. Plan was to get low, manual convert and slide.

I did just that converting from auto after it lost reverse gear to a W57 gearbox and installing S13 Kei office coilovers in the front, S13 Hub/Steering knckle, Stock LCA’s, SR20det brakes, S13 strut brace cut to suit, rear kei office coilovers using a custom bush and ae86 rear 6kg springs. I rolled for a while on 15×7.5 +10 XR4S’s front and 15×8 0off SSR MK I’s for the rear.

But then I Failed on a local touge run one night. Me > sideways > guard rail. I easily fixed this as I had collected about 4 other soarer’s during the time I owned this, another door, front fender was put on and I hammered out the rear end my self.

I think I fixed it kind of well, now I was running my SSR MKI’s on the front and some 15×8.5 -8 SSR MK1’s on the rear, this was accompanied by some valtoni mirrors and a godfather air horn poking out the front of the bumper.

Next step we welded some front fenders to the rear so I could run some 15×11-26 SSR MK I’s on the rear and the 15×8.5’s made there way to the front.

It was running some very bubbly 215/60 R15 tyres and it caused some problems to fit but at the time the tyre fitter I used to go to wasn’t allowed to fit anything narrower… if this ever gets 11’s again ill personally fit 205/55’s no problem under those guards.

I learnt how to slide in this car and for a 20 odd year old 3.0 12 valve 6MGE it had enough torque to spin the tyres without ever over heating and get me around the local track no problem… well maybe with a few clutch kicks tho…

I sold this car a few months back to another Auzoku member in stock form and he’s been dailying it ever since. Recently we put it S13 gear (which I had put into my JZA61 supra for the time been) back in and now its sitting low again. Its now sitting on 15×8 Challenger rims until he can afford/find some better rims for it.

This car taught me a lot of what I know now, how to change a gearbox, how suspension works, how to do panel work, a bit of wiring, general service work of a vehicle and above all how to slide; I owe this car a lot! My only regret is I felt I was only ever half way thru my plans with this car but there’s so many JDM cars and only so much time to build each of them. This has gone to a good home so expect to see more of it in the near future.

Parting shot, waiting in line for my next slide sitting on some SSR MK II’s with 205/60’s.
Thanks for reading


8 Responses to “Zokusha of Auszoku: The MZ11”

  1. 1 marvis
    January 11, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    So hot! Fitment was awesome.

  2. 2 dandfx
    January 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    thinking back to when you started the build doesn’t seem long ago but then I read this and remembered how many developments it received. best part is it will still be at the Auszoku meets and Jap shows

  3. 3 skizzamods
    January 11, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Rad car dude
    Where are the MKI’s now?

  4. February 20, 2010 at 5:39 am

    Sick car. I know what you mean. There’s never enough time to get every car & build it.

  5. 7 Andy
    June 21, 2010 at 3:45 am


    Whose the member u sold to ? Any website ?


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