Yamaha Maxam

Walking around Yokohama taking shots of the normal tourist sites, like the compulsory ferris wheel which every prefecture needs to have at least two or three, I discovered something that I didn’t know existed. This isn’t a hello kitty charm on your bright pink Softbank phone modification either, welcome to the world of completely custom scooters.

As soon as I stumbled across this Yamaha Maxim I was sold, at first I took a few flash fire happy snaps, then looking deeper into the detail a realised I’d need more than this, I set up my tripod and started snapping pics.

The level of detail is amazing, the headlight was grafted into place with an after market ferring, laser cut designs were used all over.

This bike featured a sweet set of twin tips held in place by nothing other then the drifters choice of exhaust holder, wire!

The detail continued with braided lines and decorated grips. The thumb switches control the air bag system.

Yamaha released the Maxim with functionality in mind, they left space for storage of say, your helmet under the seat. Of course it could also be home to a mini aquarium!

Being close to a subway station there were people coming and going, with only a few minutes before the midnight train the amount of bikes here were dropping past, I had my gear stored to the side and made sure there was space when a commuter needed their ride. I saw a guy walking right toward me with a smile on his face, I knew this was his bike by his reaction to seeing my camera aimed straight at the rear end. As the owner walked up he hit the button on his keying that disarmed the bike, we had a small chat about it then he popped the key in and turned the lights on to light up the aquarium.

Being Japan, most people are willing to help so he rolled his bike onto the footpath so to allow for some more pics,  we had a chat (my Japanese sucks) and if I interpreted correctly this was his own build that he did the bulk of the work on.

I’ll leave you with a link, http://www.techgarage-s4.com/ a site with some pretty good links and photos including their SKYWAVE 43 with a work equip on the rear.


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