Spotted: Japan 1

My maiden voyage to Japan ended only a matter of days ago, the next is already in the planning stage. Due to the huge density of the main cities (Tokyo: 5,751 persons per square kilometre compared to Sydney with a mere 345) there are so many things you can miss by not looking around one more corner. I left with the intention of deliberately getting lost, aimlessly walking in a place where I had absolutely no idea which way was north let alone where I had started from, and the plan worked well. Below are some of the gems in encountered randomly wandering.

First things first, I’ll get the introduction done. I’m Dan J, Ive currently got an s13 Silvia track car that really lacks low down style so I have recently acquired a c32 laurel to fill the void, I’m sure some build pics will appear in due time.

Within two hours of landing we were at the local convenience store and we instantly knew it was going to shape up into a very memorable trip.

First was this Daihatsu Move, it had a sweet kit all round and a set of work VS KFs.

On the way back to the hotel I got a snap of this president, there were spots in the car park of the 24hr fishing shop but he just threw on his hazards and parked on the main road.

This mini was running the smallest diameter mkII’s id ever seen, it just worked so well.

An El Grande with eyelids, trispokes, tv ariels and the ever so common lip kit.

Surprisingly its quite hard to find EG/EK civics in japan, and alot harder to find them with any decent sort of mods.

Its hard to walk down a street without seeing a cube with small mods

Being obsessed with drift I grabbed shots of any car that looked like it was used properly, this one featured two chicks that thought it was hilarious that I’d take a picture of it.

Every day there were random cars worth taking pics of for various reasons, stay tuned for further instalments of Spotted: Japan

Next, my first encounter with real Zokusha!




2 Responses to “Spotted: Japan 1”

  1. 2 Ken
    January 21, 2011 at 11:31 am

    That’s a StepWGN, and not El Grande… El Grande is a USDM Odyssey sold in Japan.

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