AusZoku at Classic Japanese Show ‘n’ Shine 09′

AusZoku made its 2nd appearance at the CJSS this year with 8 cars entered this year
This year we only displayed Nissan’s which was strange seeing how many toyota’s we have in the club.
Rob’s C32 laurel with the early front, 15×8 SSR MKIII’s up front, sportsmax on the rear and two tone paint was looking classy as usual, the interior is a very plush velure purple and a nice place to be
Jay’s 330 Cedric showed up sporting its new paint job, it’s a rather odd color, a white with very light primer grey thru it. This thing will look amazing once he decideds on some rims.
The whale tail of Dan’s Pipeworks S13 fits into our club nicely running 16×8 Southern way mesh rims up from and 15×8-19 Enkei on the rear.
Subaru sharper owned my Matthew unfortunately had some hail damage making more like a golf ball every day… we need to find some rims for this little beast.
Lukes B310 sunny was on display running Techno racing TRV’s all round in 14×7 0 offset, the red painted centers work a treat.
Mike’s freshly purchased 610 bluebird (aka 180b) was a picture of perfection, really looking forward to seeing this with some 14” rims and low down.
Joel’s Convertiable EXA was at the show, being only one of 100 made by Nissan it makes it even more special being low and rolling on some of the mintest 14×7 front 14×7.5 rear XR4’s and 165/60R14 Federal tyres ive ever seen
And of corse this little micra made an apperiance rolling on SSR MKIII’s
Big thanks to all the guys from AusZoku that made the effort to get there cars ready for the show, to those who came to lend there support and epically to Joel who arranged not only the entrees but also brought along a little BBQ for snags on bread so its only fitting his car gets to share the parting shot.
Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to “AusZoku at Classic Japanese Show ‘n’ Shine 09′”

  1. 1 skipperoo
    November 5, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Great….except the Cedric.

  2. November 6, 2009 at 6:16 am

    C32 laurel, does want!!!!!!!!

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