Workshop Mania – MKI.

For quite a while now its been a dream of mine to see real Zokusha (Zoku car) snaking along the highways of Japan, going to a car park event or even going to a old school workshop full of the parts laying around ready to make a C210, Mz11 or even a kei car into a full blown Yankee style car worthy of a page from shakotan boggie. Thankfully on my last trip one of thoes dreams was realised with a trip to Workshop Mania (Zoku Mania as we refer to it)

Shiroma’s (the owner of Mania) workshop had everything you could imagine, over 40 years of Kyuusha (Japanese classic car) paraphernalia you could think of, from completed Zokusha, a large collection of classic rims from 1pc to 3pc in 12 to 13”, motor bikes, steering wheels, models and even classic wood grain gear stick knobs which no Kyuusha should be without. He even had a pair of Voltini Californian mirrors with the uber rare blue lenses which apparently are the only ones to run on your Zoku ride.
This is Shiroma personal pride and joy, a C210 with a 3.1 litre L series engine running triple carbs, wide 14” watanabes, rollcage and had every other zoku part you could think of from stickers to the genuine classic parcel shelf speakers . The noise this made was phenomenal and a real treat to hear.
Video of the Skyline running, listen to that sound! Pure love from the 3.1L right there, turn the volume right up~!

This Red C210 was just as nice rolling on the orginial Works 01’s
This long nose 610 bulebird with Works fenders, Massively dished SSR MKI’s and Lame ir rame (glitter paint) was epic to see in the flesh!
C130 4 door laurel again worked with all the Zokusha fruit!
Another C210 which was a little more mild than the last two cars but no less impressive.
Pic of the engine bay of the above c210, it was amazing to see an engine bay like this let alone in all 4 cars being this detailed.

That’s it for Workshop mania for now, ill Blog some more MK’s (lol, parts) later on.

Thanks for reading


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