Powerblitz – Super GP drift event by Raceline

On Friday 23rd of October a small drift event was held at the Broadwater car park on the sunny Gold Coast as part of the Super GP event. Although I didn’t get many pic’s of the drifting action, here’s some pic’s from the event.

super GP (1)

This was the Third time this event was run starting off as part of the Indy event, they changed the name due to losing the Indy from the calendar and replacing it with the A1gp (which didn’t show up… fail). This was run as the finial for the year of the 10 Round Raceline drift series based in Queensland. Pro and L2 was present to put a good show on. For some strange reason only the top 4 of the pros out of a felid of 20+ were judged for the championship. L2 drivers were in the same boat where the winner of the night was only offered a slab of beer. Other than some strange decisions from the organisers of the event, the crowed seamed to love it, the Show and shine had a few good cars and a pretty exciting night over all.

The track and crowed.
super GP (29)

Josh young was on hand in is JZX90 complete with Flashing police lights.
super GP (2)

Jesse showed up with his Skyvia complete with Watanabe Copy 17’s
super GP (4)

Dan and his whale tail sil
super GP

sam holtz in his turbo 4age now sporting workshop Tokage decals.
super GP (7)

this S13 was sweet, American style fitment with what looked like R32 GTR guards?
super GP (9)
super GP (8)

Steve’s 1uz equipped S13, has a rumble like no other car in track in QLD.
super GP (6)

This guy’s from Port Macquarie on the central coast of New south Wales and drove up for the event, drift’s for Christ but if Jesus drifted I think he would drive something more like a ke70.
super GP (5)

Team peer on show as per usual.
super GP (13)

This C33 from banzai garage should have got Loudest paint of the night award, it was literately fluor highlighter yellow! The pictures just don’t do it justice. He was rolling on a pretty mint set of Work VS.XX’s as well.
super GP (11)

Drift Barbie in her new S14.
super GP (3)

Nispro R33 competed as well with one strange sounding Rb, bent exhaust somewhere along the line made it sound like it was supercharged.
super GP (10)

More pics soon from the show and shine.


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