Rubber Soul, the GTR work shop.

On my maiden voyage to Japan I visited this place with shear amazement, about 20 DR30 skylines, an early carina, a couple of 1st gen Celicas, several C10 skylines including a REAL Hakosuka GTR. I went back recently and visited rubber soul to look for a few items for my latest project (1975 C110 Skyline aka. Yonmeri) so I thought I’d that a few more snaps to show you just what this garage has on offer.

rubber soul (3)

Me in a sea of DR30 skylines earlier in the year, when I went back this has been dwindled down a fair bit but there is still more DR30’s in one place than anywhere out side of JDM land.
rubber soul (2)

A sneak peek into the workshop, These guys specialise in GTR replicas providing all the parts to convert your stock C10 to GTR spec. also notice the little Honda city in the corner, more on that later in the post.
rubber soul

This C110 was almost perfect. The body work was amazing, most likely lowered on Rubber souls own spring line with occupying shocks. 14×7 & 7.5 work equip 01’s which needed to be wider but I guess that’s left to the customer purchasing the car, the C110 also had a mint interior, front lip, flawless paint job and even appropriate licence plates for the yonmeri… 110.
rubber soul (15)

rubber soul (8)
rubber soul (7)

Matching turbo DR30’s
rubber soul (14)

A replica R33 4 door GTR.
rubber soul (11)
rubber soul (10)

DR30 and C10 sitting side by side.
rubber soul (13)

Now back to that little Honda City, Earlier in the year while the car was still in the work shop I spied a 4cyl Honda engine sitting in the engine bay with ITB’s hanging off it.
rubber soul (4)
rubber soul (5)
not very farmilar with my Honda engines but taking a stab at a B16a? please comment if you know other wise, this thing was tidy with ITB’s haning off the side and extractors and who know’s what else is laying under the cam covers but the wiring wasn’t completed so its highly unlikely it has even been started.
rubber soul (6)
Unfortunately the car is still there now sitting in the car yard. It seams unfinished as the owner most likely ran out of money to get the job finished. The exterior is completely stock looking so far but the interior has a full and strangely built cage with racing seat.

lastly, an amazing sight for anyone into Kyuusha, a real C10 Hakosuka GTR sitting out the front of the work shop. This is the owners daily driver with a running S20 engine, full coilover suspension and complete interior. This could be yours to own for a cool 8 million yen. Better start saving!
rubber soul (1)

if your interested in any C10 to Dr30 parts have a look at there web site http://www.rubber-soul.net.

Thanks for reading


2 Responses to “Rubber Soul, the GTR work shop.”

  1. 1 marvis
    October 26, 2009 at 1:21 am

    That C110 is minnnnnt!

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