Full Custom Starlet.

Hunting thru Minkara Carview i came across this epic little Kp61 which is too good not to share.

starlet (3)

From what i can Decipher.
AE92 pistons and rods.
AE92 head.
228’s for both intake and exhaust.
MSR 45 carbs.
T50 Manual Bellhousing mated to a Stock Rb20 manual gearbox (RB71C) using a Ikeya Formula Sequential transmission Shifter unit.

starlet (2)

Up front theres:-
S14 Hubs with AE92 TRD Blue Short stroke up front.
TRD swaybar with Adjustable Sway bar links
Adjustable Castor rods.
Rose jointed LCA’s

starlet (5)


Down the Rear:-
S13 coilovers with modified diff mount.
Equal Length 5 link.

starlet (6)

Theres the bare min. in there, carbon fiber race seat, Large Tacho, Fuel pressure guage mounted inline, various other guages and of corse the Sequential Transmission Shifter.

Starlet (8)

AE86 front bar sets the look of the car off with carbon fiber carnards, bolt on over fenders, slide skirts and a questionable Rear bar with built in defuser.
Unsure of the tyre and rim size’s but SSR formual mesh and XR4’s with semi slicks on the front and strech on the rear really finish this car off.
and of corse with evey KP61 Its a must to have the TRD wing as well, no starlet is complete without it.

starlet (4)

starlet (7)

If your a fan of this car, please check out 223 manji manji’s other cars, he also has a E70 corolla wagon Running Na SR with S13 rear end installed… but ill save that for another post.

1 Response to “Full Custom Starlet.”

  1. October 16, 2009 at 1:57 am

    Mean and badass looking!

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