To those who know me you might know im a bit of a kei car nut, there’s something about the small size and the whole tuning scene around them that draws me to them. If there was more of a market in Oz I’m sure I would of owned a few more than 1 by now. After my last two trips to Japan however, I’ve left feeling slightly disheartened as I haven’t spotted a great deal of baler espically when kei’s are a plague over there like commodore and flacons in Oz! And when you do see a slightly custom one its either a factory option Or (in Osaka at leased) mostly bolt on parts from your friendly Autobacs, with Led kits, 15 rims and small add on aero parts.

Exhibit ‘A’…

kei (1)

BUT… i did see some cool examples rolling around.

A Very common sighting all over Japan is the Kombi conversion you can get for Suzuki carry vans. I saw more than 10 on both of my trips to Japan. Can say it’s a very cool little conversion but a very common one as well.

kei (3)

kei (4)

One of the best Kei’s of all time IMO. The Suzuki Alto works, these came in both FF and AWD powered by a 660cc turbo motor (F6A) and one of the greatest body styling of them all. Here’s one I spotted in my wanderings around the streets of Osaka.


Spotted this little Honda City Turbo II convertible rolling into a DVD store one night while tuning a friends car, gave the owner a scare when he came back finding me taking pic’s of his car, he gave it a Zoku rev as he left the car park for us, Champ!

kei (5)

The massive wing, body kit and VIP exhaust made it hard for this Daihatsu Hijet to drive around on Meihan’s slightly rough road pavement.

msc round 10 (14)

msc round 10 (13)

This new suzuki carry was pretty much stock apart from running Steel 15’s off another car with 165/50 R15 kei tyres. love this look.

msc round 10 (11)

subiru rex?… angry eye rolling on grams light’s… win!

msc round 10 (5)

Lastly, rolling along in the Osaka traffic this little Daihatsu Opti drove past with a Custom paint, nice sized wheels and a mean tone to it.

kei (6)



4 Responses to “OH~Kei~!”

  1. 1 Martin
    June 19, 2010 at 9:32 am

    hey, found this place via google 🙂 nice shots of these cars man~ was wondering what car is that that looks like a mini-subaru?

    • June 22, 2010 at 8:15 am

      the white one in the 2nd last photo? its a subaru Rex. this is a later version of a florie or sherper i think (thats what they were called in australia at leased)

  2. 3 Martin
    June 22, 2010 at 11:28 am

    ah~ looks like a sherpa but it looks really nice 🙂 wished there were more of these kind of cars in australia.

  3. June 22, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    ahh, me too.

    there were a few different preformance kei’s avaiable for import before all the changes to the rwa/sev’s pre89 rule came in. you can still get pre 89 kei’s but nothing overly exciting came out untill after that. there is a very rare alto works rsr/rsx which was made in 88 with the 550cc motor but there very thin on the ground… altho i did see one for sale a few months back in SA. for 3k. but it was sold.

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