Export Vitz

Rolling around the export docks in osaka i came across this little aqua gem.

Now, i know what your thinking… Q: Toyota Echo, whats so cool about that? A: Echo’s are eveywhere in Oz, and the majority of the “custom” Echo’s in Oz comprise of Cheep china 17″ wheels and a personal licence plate.

vitzs (1)

This is most likely one of thoes “have to see in person” to appericate cars, but… with a kit, some 15×7’s with streched 165/50’s and a low stance it puts to shame any Echo in Oz ive seen so far.

vitzs (5)

Some nicer wheels like SSR MKII, MKIII or even Equips 01, 03’s and lower down and this could be a real head turner in its new home land.

vitzs (3)

This with an FR conversion PLZ!

vitzs (7)



1 Response to “Export Vitz”

  1. 1 Zeb
    October 9, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    My workmate has one of these, imported somewhat modified, lowered over 15×7 Work CRs in bright white, and those yuck clear taillights.

    Not my thing sorry haha

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